My Opinion on Himalayan Crystal Salt

Himalayan Rock Salt Himalayan crystal salt, has been widely recognized for its claimed health benefits, However, a debate on the truth behind these claims has arisen. Today I will present the claims, the facts, and my personal experience with these products.

Disclaimer: This post is the product of my opinion based on research done on the internet and my personal experience. Please do not regard anything within this post as absolute truth, which is why I encourage you to do your own research to validate or debunk this post.

layan rock salt allegedly contains 84 trace elements, elements that our bodies need to function. Many health benefits have been associated with the salt including but not limited to:Promoting a healthy PH balance

  • Assisting the rate of absorption of food through your intestinal tract
  • Preventing muscle cramps
  • Promoting bone strength, vascular health and sinus health
  • Regulating sleep
  • Reducing signs of aging

before we go into two much depth on this topic I should note that there is a misconception as to where Himalayan crystal salt actually is found. This is do to the name. Himalayan crystal salt actually is mined in Pakistan more than 100 miles from the Himalayan mountains
There are many uses for the salt including fine to course sized culinary salt, Himalayan rock salt lamps, Himalayan rock salt kitchen slabs, salt used for bathing, and many other products.

Lamps made of the salt are believed to clear the air of pollutants, helping with breathing ailments such as asthma and bronchitis, and relieving stress, insomnia, and headaches.

Himalayan rock salt baths are said to regenerate the skin, making you look and feel healthier. Scientific studies made in the United States on Himalayan rock salt do not give much validation to the majority of these claims however. These studies have shown that sea salt is no healthier for you than conventional table salt. Researchers conducting these studies were under the impression that Himalayan crystal salt was a variation of sea salt, due to the fact that it was formed 250 million years ago in ancient seas. This impression is a valid one, however these researchers did not take into consideration the effect that humans had on sea salt found in the oceans now, compared to the Himalayan crystal salt formed 250 million years ago.

Their research can be misleading, but this doesn’t mean that scientific study on this type of salt must stop. There is a difference between Himalayan crystal salt and sea salt, or any other type of salt for that matter. This difference can be found under a microscope, the molecular structure of the salt is vastly different when looking at Himalayan crystal salts compared to other types of salts. This is due to manufacturing and processing, along with pollution. If these factors were not an issue, then most salts would have relatively similar structures as Himalayan crystal salt, however, this is not the case.

It is a fact that we need salt to survive. It is also a fact that most table salt contains 97.5% sodium chloride (salt) and 2.5% chemicals, such as moisture absorbents. Pollutants like these are found in both table salt and sea salt. This implies that Himalayan rock salt is the purest salt available, and those who claim this would be correct in my option.

Scientific research made in Europe and the surrounding countries has concluded that there are many health benefits to using Himalayan crystal salt over conventional table or sea salt. It also supports the theory that Himalayan crystal salt lamps also have many health benefits associated with them. Salt attracts water molecules from the air. As the water molecules are attracted to the lamp (because of the heat produced by the light bulb) The water evaporates. This causes an increase in negative ions, which in turn neutralizes many of the positive ions in the air. This is good because the ratio of positive to negative ions is not balanced, and by introducing more negative ions into the environment, it balances out the levels of positive and negative ions.

Personal Experience:

After researching the claims and scientific research about this particular type of salt, I decided to try a variety of products derived from Himalayan rock salt, including the culinary salt itself, the salt baths, and the salt lamps.

Culinary: There is little to no difference in taste between table salt and Himalayan rock salt, however this was my personal experience, and I have heard many people claim that it tastes much better. For aesthetic purposes the Himalayan rock salt is much more attractive, due to the colors of the salt granules. It is more expensive than table salt, however I personally think it is worth trying. A great website to check out when looking to purchase Himalayan rock salt products is

Salt Baths: When purchasing the salt for the purpose of bathing, there are different sizes of salt in which you can buy. You can buy it in a form similar to Epson salt, up to large sized chunks. I would  recommend soaking for at least 20 minutes in the bath. Compared to Epson salt baths, the Himalayan crystal salt is far better in my opinion. When you have cuts, burns, or other small ailments such as these, the Epson salt baths can burn, however I did not experience this with the Himalayan rock salt. It provides the same relief afterwards as the Epson salt, but the actual experience is better when using the Himalayan crystal salt.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps: I personally believe that the claims made about Himalayan crystal salt lamps do have a lot of truth. For me personally, I feel like the room I am in is less “dense” so to speak when the lamps are on, then when they are off. There is definitely scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of these lamps, and I urge you to do your own research to find out more. There are also many testimonies about how these lamps have changed peoples life’s.

I personally own two Himalayan rock salt lamps, and I absolutely love them. There is an ambiance shift in my personal experience, but the main reason I have them in my room is because of their absolute beauty. The problem with these types of products is that it is hard to market them. What I mean by this is that because of their homeopathic implications, if they were to be widely accepted, people wouldn’t purchase pharmaceutical drugs that have the same effect (and are also much more expensive). It doesn’t seem beneficial to fund scientific research on these types of products when it only serves to hurt the people who would be funding them. (this is their mindset.)


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3 thoughts on “My Opinion on Himalayan Crystal Salt

  1. These are really poor quality sources, and it is just shuffling information around with quotes of quotes of quotes. What did the research say? What are the doi’s or names of the studies? Being open-minded means you need to be open to something being right and wrong. What is the evidence for and against? This is not an open-minded article. Consider this one:, where the studies are cited and pro-information is sought out, but none passes quality control. Why was Brian Dunning’s critical review not at least addressed as it is from 2013? Brian Dunning was critical, but he at least explored each of the most salient claims.

    • Hello thank you for your reply. I haven’t gotten the chance to look at your article however I look forward to it. I have many times said before that if there is something untrue about the articles I write to call me out on it and I comment you. This post was originally titled my opinion on himalayan crystal salt, and I should probably change it back. I will look into your post as well as find more reliable sources, considering this post waste supposed to go up until Wednesday it gives me a chance to revise it. We at the curious skeptic are figuring out who we are as a community so bear with us for a few weeks while we make mistakes

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