Taoist Orbiting

Taoist Orbiting*Disclaimer: This post was created by John Hall, the creator of the website http://www.Redefiningcommunity.wordpress.com If there is fallacy within the content of this post, contact him to resolve it*

In accordance with traditional Zen practices, Taoist Orbiting is another way of reaching a higher level of spiritual enlightenment by familiarizing yourself with the bodies energy. Orbiting is, in essence, the practice of maintaining and directing the bodies energy. This is a very abstract definition, which allows for creativity to foster itself in this practice.

When it reached the western world, it was slightly perverted and turned into a sexual practice, but that wasn’t the original purpose for doing it. As a matter of fact, a lot of the people who developed it abstained from having sex in order to preserve their “life force” energy. Some of the claimed benefits of practicing Taoist orbiting are:

  • Radiant pysical health
  • A calmer more focused mind
  • Better sexual performance.

The point of orbiting is to maximize the bodies energetic system by relaxing and “allowing” the energy to flow. One of the biggest mistakes that are made in the practice of orbiting is trying to force the energy to move, which does not produce the desired effect, due to the fact that it is possible that you may have blockages, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Blockages are one of the biggest causes for disease in humans. When the blood vessels, nerves, or other pathways are hindered it causes the body to fall out of balance. It is said that you can correct some of these blockages through orbiting. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a matter of patience and extreme mental focus.

You can practice while you’re walking, sitting, or in any other position you want, but I’ve found that for beginners laying down is the easiest, since there are little to no stresses on your body. As a personal trainer, I used to teach this to my clients if they were stressed or overworked and it worked wonders for their mood and health. I would start off by having them close their eyes while laying down and bringing their attention fully into their body. Breathing is an important part of this. Deep, rhythmic, cyclic breaths are the best for staying healthy and it’s the same with meditation of all types. It keeps the body flowing naturally. Cyclic breathing is continuous, meaning that as soon as you finish the in breath, you’re going to start the out breath, so that there are no breaks between breathing in and out. You’ll find that as soon as you start doing this your body will relax, cyclic breathing also flushes the body of toxins.

Focusing intently on the way you feel physically becomes important once you get relaxed and settled. In my personal experience, I noticed different sensations running through my body, such as tingling, warmth, or an electrified feeling. This is just the body electrically kicking in. At this point, any tension or blockage you may have will become VERY apparent. The best way that I’ve found for alleviating it is to put all of your focus into relaxing that part of your body. Since the rest of your body is relaxed and the energy is flowing better, you’ll feel the energy move through gradually until the tension is gone. Since I’ve been orbiting for over 6 years, this is something that I do automatically when I’m resting to keep my body in an optimal condition. Remember that you’re not forcing anything, this is a process of “allowing”. Forcing things alone can cause tension, which is something that you want to avoid.

That’s really all there is to it. As you get better, you’ll figure out all of the intricacies and you’ll get to learn how your body works on different levels. You’ll even find little techniques that I might not have discovered myself. Orbiting will make you physically stronger and healthier, more focused and it will clear your mind out of all clutter. The better you get at it, the more intense and pleasurable the sensations become, so have fun with it.

Image courtesy of  cbenjasuwan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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4 thoughts on “Taoist Orbiting

  1. Very little scientific evidence for this- or, on that note, for “body energy” in the first place. It was an interesting read nonetheless. Thanks for sharing, John/Gozon!

  2. I practice a home brew version of this sort of of principal, I just call mine Ki training. There’s a lot to it in helping maintain blood flow and strengthening the EM field around the body. Not to get off and make odd claims but in my travels I’ve met people with the ability to guide this ki in the form of projectiles and this same Ki is the energy used in some healing practices. It’s a really versatile tool if not powerful. Like with anything else strength on one area leads to strength in another mastering the body in this way however has automatic side effects on other systems, energetic and mental. As where purely mental or physical practices generally need to be backed up by other training to achieve a strong mind body soul ratio.

    The evidence isn’t here but it is out there. There’s research into toroidal fields, excuse my spelling, for instance. The very basis of many free energy technologies.

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