Ted Talks: Modern Slavery

Despite people’s assumption that slavery is declining, the number of slaves today is far more than at the time of the transatlantic slave trade. Slavery is legal in no place on earth however there are more slaves than when it was legal worldwide. Lisa Kristine explains her  journey from personal ignorance in regards to slavery, to a supporter and experienced helper of Free The Slaves. Lisa demonstrates that there are roughly 27 million slaves in our world today, and the value of these slaves have gone down from around $50,000 to a mere $18. Because of the commercial nature of slavery, it is the mindset of the slavers that the commodity they are selling is valuable, however the slaves that are producing that commodity are expendable. She goes on to show examples of slavery in different areas around the world. Sex slavery is extremely prevalent in all areas of the world, including the United States. People that make a conscious effort to reverse the adverse and cruel effects of slavery do have the possibility to cause great change. Organizations such as Free The Slaves gives slaves a chance to improve their quality of life.

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