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Hello everyone, my name is Dustin Heisey, and I have always striven for something greater than myself, something in which I can contribute to, but also receive from. I created this discussion because I feel that it has a positive effect on the lives of those who use it, because I want my insight acknowledged, and because I want the same for others.

The purpose of the curious skeptic is to share my personal understanding of many academic, controversial, or otherwise intellectual topics, that I feel I have enough knowledge to discuss. However, I am not the only contributor to this community, in fact, anyone who has something to contribute can produce content that I will review and then post if it is beneficial to the discussion. I feel that too many times our intelligence goes unnoticed  because of a lack of confidence, and an absence of a medium in which to share it. I strive to resolve both of these limiting factors with this website, and I hope that those with something to say feel welcome here.

In order to post on this website, there are a few procedures that we feel must be  taken into consideration to keep the content professional. Fill out this contact form and I will review your articles, and post them onto our website.

I hope that you find yourself enjoying the time you spend on this website, and my aspiration is that you both learn from and educate those on this site with your ideas, insight, intelligence, and philosophy.


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