Posting Update


 In recent posts I assured my viewers that I would be posting more frequently, and while an ideal world would allow for such things, we do not exist in an ideal world.

Right now, I am 2 days away from my Highschool Midterms. A total of 8 classes, 2 of which are AP courses, and a lot to study. I understand that most of you aren’t interested in my current affairs, and detailing to you my class schedule was completely unnecessary, It allows me to give you backstory as to why the lack of posts recently, and when they will return at a regular interval.

Expect a continued lack of posts until around January 20th. At that time Midterms will be over, and I will have more time to post on both sites. I will do my best to post in this period however do not expect anything.

Thank you for your continued support of this blog, and I hope you will be ready for more content in the near future.